Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Biometric devices have many advantageous aspects in organizations. This device’s main advantage is that one has to personally be present in order to confirm his presence. These devices have more importance in industry such as police, crime investigators and detectives. These devices are also important in business dealing with a lot of money to get access to and secret information about clients or the company. These devices can be fixed at the entrance of the valued information, whether it is at the door entrance or on a laptop. Fingerprint scanners are more convenient than iris detector or voice detector because it is found that with age, the voice of a person changes. Moreover, when the person has flu or throat infection the voice changes or if there are too much noise in the environment this method may not validate the presence. Also for people who are affected with diabetes, their eyes get affected which causes changes in the iris and the scanner gets unable to detect. Nevertheless, other advantages of a fingerprint scanner are:

- Others can’t use one’s identity since physical attributes can’t be duplicated like identity cards.
- It is cheap, fast and easy to setup.
- You can't misplace your fingerprints and it does not change with age or get affected by any disease.
- It can’t be forgotten since it’s a physical feature.